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Get Noticed, Get Results with
Social Media & SEO Expertise

Marketing is all about forging connections; sales naturally follow when genuine relationships are cultivated.

Meet Our Founder

Chris Haley is a man of many roles, passions, and deeply held faith as a believer in Jesus. As a father, husband, son, and pastor, he embodies the essence of leadership, compassion, and community. Living in Salem, OR, with his family and beloved Husky, he navigates life with the wisdom of a seasoned business owner and the spirit of an emo kid at heart. 

If you could capture his essence in a color, it would undoubtedly be maroon – deep, vibrant, and full of life.  A self-proclaimed Harry Potter nerd, coffee snob, and tattoo addict, he finds joy in the unique and the extraordinary.

But it's not just personal passions that define him; his professional ethos is built on the foundation of relationships and long-term vision. He believes that marketing is not a quick fix but a journey of connection, understanding, and trust.


Leaves Shadow


1 Video post, and we made 2 sales in less than 30 minutes.

-Sales Team, At Home Mattress and Furniture Store


We had a tik tok Video that hit 1k in 3 hours and I sold 2 trucks off of that video! I'm loving the results we are getting from Black Labels Social Media Marketing expertise.

- Salesmen, Skyline Ford (Kezier)


Before working with Chris I was stuck in a rut and now I feel inspired again. I absolutely recommend Chris's social media services to anyone who has a business and needs to learn more about social media best practices, and content creation. If you want a professional and upbeat person to help you refresh your social media prowess, he's the guy!

-Ashley Smithson, Lulay's Car Connection


Black Label Marketing has helped my agency tremendously. His strategy and marketing approach are amazing. Our social media presence has dramatically increased. I’m particularly grateful for his content creation and the fact he’s able to do all that is required for us to have the online presence that we enjoy today. I can wholeheartedly recommend Chris Haley!

-Don Suklis, State Farm Agent


Before our collaboration with Chris, our social media presence at KYKN Radio Station was struggling. We lacked a cohesive strategy and merely posted links without a clear direction. Chris transformed our online engagement entirely. Chris entered the scene as a game-changer. His profound understanding of social media dynamics and content creation strategies significantly elevated our platform. His approach was not just about growth but about crafting resonant and compelling content that genuinely connected with our audience.

- Jeff Morgan, Owner at KYKN Radio Station


One thing that I pride myself in my business is punctuality, effectiveness and integrity. And let me tell you. Chris is the epitome of all three. I’ve text him on multiple occasions even after hours and on weekends and he’s always gotten right back to me with sure joy to be of service. If you need anything done for your social media platform, advertising, or any other marketing needs black label marketing is your one stop shop!

-Tim McDonald, Manger At Home Furniture


I highly recommend Chris. If you want to hire someone who understands your audience and knows how to build your business, this is the place!

- John David, Owner Faded Inc.


Let us be your guiding light through the digital labyrinth, unlocking opportunities and propelling your brand forward with precision and ease.

Your main challenge: Navigating the complexities of social media marketing and SEO while juggling business demands. 

Benefit from 3-5 high-quality posts per week, meticulously crafted to enhance engagement and visibility. With our tailored content calendar, in-depth analytics reviews, and custom hashtag strategy, we ensure your brand stands out amidst the digital noise. Plus, enjoy the convenience of in-business collaboration sessions and daily community management, providing a seamless experience for your audience.

Blue Label Package (Social Media) 

Enjoy 5-7 high-quality posts per week, meticulously crafted to captivate your audience and enhance brand visibility. Benefit from in-business collaboration sessions, ensuring seamless integration of our strategies with your team's vision. With increased daily engagement, expanded content planning and strategy consultations, and a custom hashtag strategy tailored to your brand, we elevate your social media presence to new heights. Plus, receive monthly analytics reviews for data-driven insights that fuel ongoing success.

Gold Label Package (Social Media)

Immerse your audience in 7-9 high-quality posts weekly, meticulously curated to captivate and convert. Benefit from exclusive in-business collaboration sessions, ensuring seamless integration of our strategies with your team's vision. With expanded daily engagement, extended content planning and strategy consultations, and a custom hashtag strategy designed to elevate your brand's reach, your online presence reaches unprecedented heights. Plus, receive monthly analytics reviews for actionable insights that drive continuous improvement.

Black Label Package (Social Media)

What We Do

One-size-fits-all solutions simply won't cut it. That's why we pride ourselves on crafting custom strategies tailored to the specific needs, goals, and challenges of each client. Whether you're a small local business or a large corporation, we take the time to understand your brand, industry, and target audience, allowing us to develop a personalized approach that maximizes your success.

Custom Strategy

We specialize in crafting compelling and engaging content that resonates with your audience and drives results. Whether it's blog posts, social media updates, or website copy, we're dedicated to delivering high-quality content that captures attention and inspires action. We understand the value of repurposing existing content to maximize its reach and effectiveness. That's why we take the content you already have and strategically repurpose it for use across various channels, including social media and SEO.

Content Creation

we provide a comprehensive monthly analytics program that delivers actionable insights to fuel your success in the digital landscape. Our advanced platform tracks and analyzes performance metrics across all platforms, ensuring you have a complete picture of your online presence. What sets us apart is our commitment to accuracy and reliability—we have a system that eliminates the risk of false results, giving you confidence in the data you receive. 

Real Time Data Centered Approach

Contact us

We're committed to delivering tangible results that propel your business forward. Through our strategic approach and meticulous attention to detail, we ensure every campaign is optimized for success. Leveraging industry-leading tools and innovative techniques, we drive measurable outcomes aligned with your objectives. What sets us apart is our transparency and accountability—we provide regular progress reports and detailed analytics, giving you full visibility into the impact of our efforts. 


Safeguard your brand's online reputation and maintain a positive public image with our reputation management services. We monitor online mentions and reviews, proactively address any negative feedback, and implement strategies to enhance your brand's credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of your audience on your social media accounts

Reputation Management

Gain valuable insights into your website's SEO health with our comprehensive audits. Our team will conduct in-depth analyses of your site's technical elements, content quality, and backlink profile, identifying areas for improvement and providing actionable recommendations for optimization.

SEO Audit & Management

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