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About Us

We believe true business success is built on relationships, and we are dedicated to understanding your unique needs to craft personalized marketing strategies that align with your goals and values.

Our Values:

At Black Label Marketing, our core values shape everything we do:

Jesus is Lord: Our faith guides our principles.


Family Time: We prioritize work-life balance.


Honor, Honesty, and Transparency: These go further than manipulation.


Clear Boundaries: We only take on clients who are a good fit.


Relationship First: Building strong connections is our top priority.


Information Sharing: We provide all the information you need to succeed, with no hidden agendas.


Compassion, Empathy, and Love: We approach every

interaction with care.


Understanding: We listen to and understand your needs.

Fair Pricing: We charge fairly for what you truly need.

Visibility: We ensure you feel seen and heard.


Integrity: We practice what we teach in our own business.

Self-Application: We treat ourselves as our best client.

Our Approach:

We believe that people buy from people, not just products. When you choose Black Label Marketing, you’re choosing a partner who prioritizes building a genuine relationship with you.


Our process involves:

Connecting and Engaging: Building a strong foundation through relationship-building.


Discussing Your Goals: Understanding what you aim to achieve.


Exploring Your 'Why': Uncovering the driving force behind your business.


Crafting Your Plan: Developing the best strategy tailored to your specific needs.


"We are here to help you navigate your business journey with integrity, compassion, and expertise. Let's work together to propel your business forward."


- Chris Haley

Success Stories

  • Increased Online Visibility: We helped achieve a 50% increase in organic search traffic within 30 days.

  • Boosted Social Media Engagement: Our tailored social media strategy led to a 40% rise in engagement.

  • Enhanced Brand Recognition: By optimizing SEO, we significantly improved their brand recognition and online presence.


  • By The Hem - Biblical Counseling LLC

    • "Black Label is top notch! In every aspect. As I am building my Counseling Practice, I have been very intentional about who I select to put care and strategy into each step I take forward. Chris has been kind, collected, and knowledgeable as he has taken the time to build my website into something that has turned out to be absolutely beautiful, and something I can be proud of. SEO is important, no matter what industry you're in and Chris clearly understands the importance of ascetics and attention to detail."

  • At Home Furniture and Mattress Super Store

    • "​One thing that I pride myself in my business is punctuality, effectiveness and integrity. And let me tell you. Chris is the epitome of all three. I’ve text him on multiple occasions even after hours and on weekends and he’s always gotten right back to me with sure joy to be of service. If you need anything done for your social media platform, advertising, or any other marketing needs black label marketing is your one stop shop!"

  • Valiant Guardian Firearms Training, LLC

    • "Before working with Chris I was feeling completely lost on how to market my business on-line. His tips were so helpful and he showed me how easy it could be. My business increased significantly!  I absolutely recommend Chris’s social media marketing services to anyone who has a business.Describe the qualification."

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